Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Life in 2013

Hi everyone :D
I am back.
It seem like full of spider web at my page now :(
So well
I am here to update my recent life :D
Currently i am working as an audit junior in an audit firm now :D
I am glad that i got this job and seriously i had learned a lot from there :D
The environment was good
And those seniors also quite friendly and they are willing to teach us :D
Well, my society life is getting bigger than last time :D
Hurrayyyyy :D
I never imagine that i will fall in love with my job :D
Yeaaa, I do :D
The job wasn't an easy job actually, sometimes is quite tough
But yeaaa I just love it.
I dunno why :D
So yea no more high school life for me
Quite sad actually. Bwahahahahahaaha XD
Finally, I am going to get myself into a college soon!
Like finally. Hahahahahaa xD
Is a new life that full of expectation.
Well, looking forward to it :D
Haven't set a new resolution for myself yet
Is time to do it since now it's march dy!!!
Time just pass so fast :o
What's your resolution for 2013? :D
It seem like i got many targets
So i gotta work hard to achieve all of them :D
Wish me good luck please :D